Salmon Aquaculture Research Database

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3273 Intake of Farmed Atlantic Salmon Fed Soybean Oil Increases Insulin Resistance and Hepatic Lipid Accumulation in Mice

Background: To ensure sustainable aquaculture, fish derived raw materials are replaced by vegetable ingredients. Fatty acid composition and contaminant status of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) are affected by the use of plant ingredients...

Midtbo LK, Ibrahim MM, Myrmel LS, Aune UL, Alvheim AR, Liland NS, Torstensen BE, Rosenlund G, Liaset B, Brattelid T, Kristiansen K, Madsen L. Plos One vol 8. 2013 Fish Health/Nutrition, Food Safety, Sustainability
3274 Modifying Atlantic salmon behaviour with light or feed stimuli may improve parasite control techniques

The aquaculture of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar faces severe health, environmental and economic concerns caused by the parasitic sea lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis and Caligus spp. An experimental delousing method exists whereby the surface jumping...

Bui S, Oppedal F, Korsoen OJ, Dempster T. Aquaculture Environmental Interactions 3: 125-133 2013
3275 Density Effects on Subyearling Fall Chinook Salmon During Hatchery Rearing in Raceways with Oxygen Supplementation and After Release

To determine the effects of hatchery rearing density on fall Chinook Salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha released as age-0 subyearlings, we experimentally reared fish at densities of 200,000, 300,000 and 400,000 fish per raceway in Michigan-style...

Clarke LR, Cameron WA, Carmichael RW. North American Journal of Aquaculture 75: 18-24 2013 Freshwater/Hatchery
3276 Effects of temperature and food quality on age and size at maturity in ectotherms: an experimental test with Atlantic salmon

The reaction norm between growth rate, age and size at maturity in ectotherms is widely debated in ecological literature. It has been proposed that the effect depends on whether growth is affected by food quality or temperature (called the...

Jonsson B, Jonsson N, Finstad AG. Journal of Animal Ecology 82: 201-210 2013 Fish Health/Nutrition
3277 The first detections of subtype 2-related salmonid alphavirus (SAV2) in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., in Norway Hjortaas MJ, Skjelstad HR, Taksdal T, Olsen AB, Johansen R, Bang-Jensen B, Orpetveit I, Sindre H. Journal of Fish Diseases 36: 71-74 2013 Fish Health/Nutrition
3278 Relating spatial and temporal scales of climate and ocean variability to survival of Pacific Northwest Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

Pacific Northwest Chinook, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, have exhibited a high degree of variability in smolt-to-adult survival over the past three decades. This variability is summarized for 22 Pacific Northwest stocks and analyzed using generalized...

Sharma R, Velez-Espino LA, Wertheimer AC, Mantua N, Francis RC. Fisheries Oceanography 22: 14-31 2013
3279 Using ancient DNA identification and osteometric measures of archaeological Pacific salmon vertebrae for reconstructing salmon fisheries and site seasonality at Dionisio Point, British Columbia

Determining the diversity of salmon species represented in archaeological contexts is critical to understanding patterns of salmon harvesting and consumption, storage practices and seasonal patterns of resource exploitation by precontact peoples...

Grier C, Flanigan K, Winters M, Jordan LG, Lukowski S, Kemp BM. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 544-555 2013 Genetics/Molecular
3280 Recovery Potential Assessment for Southern Upland Atlantic Salmon.

DFO-MPO DFO-MPO CSAS Report 2013/009, <> 2013 Wild (Atlantic/Pacific)
3281 Assessment of West coast Vancouver Island Chinook and 2010 Forecast.

DFO-MPO DFO-MPO CSAS Report 2012/032, <> 2012 Wild (Atlantic/Pacific)
3282 Assessment of Area 23 Sockeye and 2010 Forecast (Barkley Sound, Alberni Inlet).

DFO-MPO DFO-MPO CSAS Report 2012/033, <> 2012 Wild (Atlantic/Pacific)
3283 Temperature threshold to define management strategies for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fisheries under environmentally stressful conditions.

DFO-MPO DFO-MPO CSAS Report 2012/019, <> 2012 Wild (Atlantic/Pacific)
3284 Recovery Potential Assessment for the South Newfoundland Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Designatable Unit.

DFO-MPO DFO-MPO CSAS Report 2012/007, <> 2012 Wild (Atlantic/Pacific)
3285 Assessment of the Fate of Emamectin Benzoate, the Active Ingredient in SLICE, near Aquaculture Facilities in British Columbia and its Effect on Spot Prawns (Pandalus platyceros).

DFO-MPO DFO-MPO CSAS Report 2011/082, <> 2012 SLICE (Emamectin Benzoate)
3286 Water quality and nutrient aspects in recirculating aquaponic production of the freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, and the lettuce, Lactuca sativa.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of different nutrients and their ability to improve the production of Macrobrachium rosenbergii and Lactuca sativa in a prototype recirculating aquaponic (RA) system. Experimental units...

Khoda Bakhsh H, Chopin T. International Journal of Recirculating Aquaculture 12:13-34 2013 IMTA
3287 Weight ratios of the kelps, Alaria esculenta and Saccharina latissima, required to sequester dissolved inorganic nutrients and supply oxygen for Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, in Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture systems.

Soluble inorganic nutrient excretion from Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, was estimated using a semi-stochastic nutritional mass balance approach. Oxygen demand was estimated using respiratory quotients. Nutrient contents of the IMTA kelps, Alaria...

Reid GK, Chopin T, Robinson SMC, Azevedo P, Quinton M, Belyea E. Aquaculture 408-409: 34-46 2013 IMTA
3288 Filtration of sea louse, Lepeophtheirus salmonis, copepodids by the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis, and the Atlantic sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, under different flow, light and copepodid-density regimes.

Blue mussels consumed similar proportions of copepodids at low and high larval densities, suggesting that they were not saturated at the concentrations examined. Mussels were capable of consuming copepodids under both static and flowing water...

Bartsch A, Robinson SMC, Liutkus M, Ang KP, Webb J, Pearce CM Journal of Fish Diseases 36: 361-370. 2013 IMTA, Sea Lice
3289 Effects of temperature, diet, and bivalve size on the ingestion of sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) larvae by various filter-feeding shellfish. Webb JL, Vandenbor J, Pirie B, Robinson SMC, Cross SF, Jones SRM, Pearce CM. Aquaculture 406-407: 9-17 2013 IMTA, Sea Lice
3296 The effect of vaccination, ploidy and smolt production regime on pathological melanin depositions in muscle tissue of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L

 The presence of melanin in muscle fillets of farmed salmon represents a considerable quality problem for the salmon industry with major economic concerns. In this study, we have examined the presence of abnormal pigmentation in vaccinated...

Larsen, HAS (Larsen, H. A. S.); Austbo, L (Austbo, L.); Nodtvedt, A (Nodtvedt, A.); Fraser, TWK (Fraser, T. W. K.); Rimstad, E (Rimstad, E.); Fjelldal, PG (Fjelldal, P. G.); Hansen, T (Hansen, T.); Koppang, EO (Koppang, E. O.) Journal of Fish Diseases 37: 327-340 2014 Fish Health/Nutrition