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2142 Daily and seasonal patterns in the feeding behaviour of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in a sea cage.

The diurnal and seasonal variation in behavioural indices of appetite in one-sea-winter Atlantic salmon in a sea cage was investigated in relation to environmental variables and fish swimming activity, from autumn to spring. There was marked...

Smith, I. P., Metcalfe, N. B., Huntingford, F. A. and Kadri, S. Aquaculture, pp.165-178 1993 Cultured, Fish Health/Nutrition
2141 The effects of food pellet dimensions on feeding responses by Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in a marine net pen.

The effects of the diameter and length of cylindroid food pellets on the feeding responses of one-sea-winter Atlantic salmon in a marine net pen have been investigated. Pellets of different shapes and sizes were dropped into the pen in a random...

Smith, I. P., Metcalfe, N. B. and Huntingford, F. A. Aquaculture, pp.167-175 1995 Cultured, Fish Health/Nutrition
306 What do changes in the frequency of resistance to oxytetracycline in the sediments under salmon farms mean?

A look at quantification of the impact of antimicrobial agents on the "frequency of resistance" in environmental microflora.

Smith, P. Bulletin of the Aquaculture Association of Canada, pp. 21-25 1995 Antibiotics/Pesticides, Habitat, Sediments
2143 Estimates of the significance of out-washing of oxytetracycline from sediments under Atlantic salmon sea-cages.

A portion of the oxytetracycline administered to fish in marine fish farms is deposited on the sediment under the fish cages. Oxytetracycline is believed to leave these sediment via re-entry into the water column. A simple modelling approach has...

Smith, P. and Samuelsen, O. B. Aquaculture, pp.17-26 1996 Antibiotics/Pesticides, Cultured, Sediments
2853 Plasma Vitellogenin in Landlocked Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar Ouananiche): Isolation, Homologous Radioimmunoassay and Immunological Cross-Reactivity with Vitellogenin from Other Teleosts.

1. 1. Vitellogenin was isolated by affinity chromatography and gel filtration from landlocked Atlantic salmon plasma. 2. 2. Vitellogenin was labelled with iodine-131 using iodogen and an homologous radioimmunoassay was developed. 3. 3. There was...

So, Y. P., Idler, D. R. and Hwang, S. J. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Comparative Biochemistry, pp.63-71 1985 Genetics/Molecular, Wild (Atlantic/Pacific)
2854 Progestogens, Androgens and Their Glucuronides in the Terminal Stages of Oocyte Maturation in Landlocked Atlantic Salmon.

Peripheral serum levels of free and conjugated steroids were correlated with seven terminal stages of oocyte maturation in female landlocked Atlantic salmon. Pregnenolone levels were maximal at stage 1, and there was a surge in testosterone after...

So, Y. P., Idler, D. R., Truscott, B. and Walsh, J. M. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry, pp.583-591 1985 Genetics/Molecular, Wild (Atlantic/Pacific)
1208 Pro-inflammatory cytokine expression and respiratory burst activity following replacement of fish oil with rapeseed oil in the feed for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.).

^The objective of the present study was to elucidate if modulation of membrane lipids after replacement of fish oil with rapeseed oil in the feed, influences pro-inflammatory cytokine expression and respiratory burst activity. As immune responses...

Seierstad, S. L., Haugland, Aquaculture, pp.212-218 2009 Fish Health/Nutrition
2856 The Quality and Condition of Reared Salmo Salar Smolts in Relation to Their Adult Recapture Rate.

Physiological parameters (haematocrit value (Hct) and haemoglobin (Hb), plasma glucose, lactate and electrolyte concentrations together with tissue energy stores) were used to judge the quality and condition of young Atlantic salmon in several...

Soivio, A. and Virtanen, E. Aquaculture, pp.335-343 1985 Cultured, Enhancement, Food Safety, Wild/Farmed Interaction
2857 Desmoltification of Heat-Accelerated Baltic Salmon (Salmo Salar) in Brackish Water.

To produce one-year-old smolts, one-summer-old Baltic salmon were reared in heated brackish water in winter. The development of external smolt indices, salinity tolerance, gill Na,K-ATPase activity and plasma thyroxine concentration were studied...

Soivio, A., Virtanen, E. and Muona, M. Aquaculture, pp.89-97 1988 Fish Health/Nutrition, Water Quality
2855 Temperature and Day length as Regulators of Smolting in Cultured Baltic Salmon, Salmo Salar L.

Changes in smolting indices are described for cultured Baltic salmon during their second winter, prior to release (stocking). The osmotic balance in freshwater fish remained reasonably stable at temperatures below 2

Soivio, A., Muona, M. and Virtanen, E. Aquaculture, pp.137-145 1989 Cultured, Fish Health/Nutrition, Water Quality
256 A comparison of the economic aspects of monosex Chinook salmon production versus mixed sex stocks for aquaculture

Monosex female Chinook salmon are the dominant product of the British Columbia mariculture industry. The technique was developed at the West Vancouver Laboratory in the early 1980s and was transferred to industry. The ability to produce all-...

Solar, I.I. and Donaldson, E.M. Bulletin of the Aquaculture Association of Canada, pp. 28-30 1991 Commercial, Genetics/Molecular
2144 Effects of photoperiod and temperature on growth and parr-smolt transformation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) and subsequent performance in seawater.

Potential Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) 1 + smolts were reared during late winter and spring in a factorial design combining elevated, 12-13

Solbakken, V. A., Hansen, T. and Stefansson, S. O. Aquaculture, pp.13-27 1994 Cultured, Fish Health/Nutrition, Water Quality
2145 Stimulation of respiratory burst and phagocytic activity in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) macrophages by lipopolysaccharide.

The present paper describes the effect of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) from Aeromonas salmonicida and other Gram-negative bacteria on the respiratory burst, phagocytosis and bactericidal activity of head kidney macrophages from Atlantic salmon (...

Solem, S. T., J Fish & Shellfish Immunology, pp.475-491 1995 Fish Health/Nutrition, Genetics/Molecular
1206 Molecular cloning, expression and immunological characterization of pejerrey (Odontesthes bonariensis) growth hormone.

^Growth hormone is an essential polypeptide required for normal growth and development of vertebrates. The pejerrey fish, Odontesthes bonariensis, is a South American atherinid freshwater fish considered as a promising species for aquaculture....

Sciara, A. A., Rubiolo, J. A., Somoza, G. M. and Arranz, S. E. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology, pp.284-292 2006 Genetics/Molecular
2146 The relative susceptibility of fish to infections by Flexibacter columnaris and Flexibacter maritimus.

The susceptibility of freshwater and marine fish to infection by Flexibacter columnaris and Flexibacter maritimus was assessed in laboratory based experiments. Flexibactor columnaris produced a more severe disease in barramundi compared to...

Soltani, M., Munday, B. L. and Burke, C. M. Aquaculture, pp.259-264 1996 Fish Health/Nutrition
2147 Integrated control - an example sea lice of Atlantic salmon.

Sea lice problems have plagued the Atlantic salmon farming industry
for many years and it is currently the major disease causing economic
losses. Until recent years there was little understanding of the parasite and
only one...

Sommerville, C. Parasitology International, pp.85-85 1998 Fish Health/Nutrition, Sea Lice
2148 Expression of Chinook salmon growth hormone gene in E. coli.

To achieve a high level of expression in E. coli, the cDNA of Chinook salmon growth hormone (sGH) was modified by the removal of a 5' nontranslated sequence, as well as the sequence that specified the signal peptide of pregrowth hormone and by...

Song, S., Zhang, T., Zhao, W., Qi, W., Hu, W., Wang, P. and Hew, C. L. Aquaculture, pp.199-205 1993 Genetics/Molecular
1205 Stress and fish reproduction: The roles of allostasis and hormesis.

^This paper is a review of the effects of stress on reproduction in fishes. I hope to further the development of the concepts of allostasis and hormesis as relevant to understanding reproduction in general and in fish in particular. The main...

Schreck, C. B. General and Comparative Endocrinology, pp.549-556 2010 Fish Health/Nutrition, Spawning
2149 Apparent digestibility of protein, amino acids and energy in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fed a fish meal based diet extruded at different temperatures.

A fish meal/wheat flour based dry ingredient mix was extruded at three different temperatures (100, 125 and 150

S Aquaculture, pp.215-225 2002 Fish Health/Nutrition, Water Quality
846 How do handling and killing methods affect ethical and sensory quality of farmed Atlantic salmon ?

Quality of a fish product is related to several parameters. Lately aspects of ethics and welfare of farmed fish during the slaughter process, have been focused on by fish farmers and consumers. In order to explore means for reducing stress due to...

K Sorensen, N., Tobiassen, T. and Carlehoeg, M.M. Sakaguchi Developments in Food Science, pp.301-307 2004 Fish Health/Nutrition, Food Safety
2150 The humoral immune response of Atlantic salmon and rabbit against carbohydrate cell wall antigens of Renibacterium salmoninarum.

The humoral immune response of Atlantic salmon and rabbit against carbohydrate cell wall antigens of Renibacterium salmoninarum was studied after immunisation with whole bacterial cells (WC) and trypsinised cells (TC). Trypsination was shown to...

S Fish & Shellfish Immunology, pp.351-366 1998 Fish Health/Nutrition
2151 Composition of polar lipid classes in male gonads of Pecten maximus (L.): Effect of nutrition.

The impact of dietary deficiency in the essential fatty acids 20:5(n-3), 22:6(n-3) and 20:4(n-6) from three different microalgal diets for broodstock conditioning on polar lipid classes of Pecten maximus male gonads was studied. The relative...

Soudant, P., Moal, J., Marty, Y. and Samain, J. F. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, pp.103-114 1997 Fish Health/Nutrition, Spawning
2859 Changes in Gill Na+, K+-AtPase, Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine of Coho Salmon Held in Two Different Rearing Densities During Smoltification.

1. The effects of rearing density on the parr-smolt transformation in Coho salmon were assessed by measurement of gill Na+,K+-ATPase activity and circulating levels of plasma thyroxine and triiodothyronine in two experiments. 2. There was an...

Sower, S. A. and Fawcett, R. S. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Physiology, pp.85-89 1991 Fish Health/Nutrition, Genetics/Molecular
2860 The Identification of the Sex Steroid, Testosterone, in Various Commercial Salmon Diets.

The sex steroid hormone, testosterone, was identified in seven salmon commercial diets at levels from 0.4 ng/g feed to 7.0 ng/g feed. The biological ramifications of steroids in fish diets on the salmon's development, fitness and ultimate...

Sower, S. A. and Iwamoto, R. N. Aquaculture, pp.11-17 1985 Commercial, Cultured, Genetics/Molecular
2863 Steroid and Thyroid Hormones During Sexual Maturation of Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus Kisutch) in Seawater or Fresh Water.

Osmolality and circulating levels of estradiol-17[beta], thyroxine, androgens, progesterone, and sodium are measured concomitantly with determination of oocyte maturation in Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) during the spawning season. Male and...

Sower, S. A. and Schreck, C. B. General and Comparative Endocrinology, pp.42-53 1982 Genetics/Molecular